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Membership 申請入會條件 和請展覽表格



會員評判準: 具備以下三個條件之一即可申請加入本會

  1. 具有較高的藝術創作水平

  2. 在理論研究方面有較高水準

  3. 從事藝術編輯,策展,教育等工作,成績卓越

Application Requirements

Chinese Artists Association of Canada is recruiting new members. Anyone graduated from art school, is an artistic or an experts are welcome to join the association. Here will endorse and assist in the development of the work of the conference or special contributions, may become honorary members of the Council.

Member Evaluation criteria: have one of the following three conditions can apply to join our association

1. Have a high artistic level

2. A higher level in the study of theory

3. Knowledge in the arts, curatorial, education, etc., or outstanding achievements

Click here to download the Membership Application Form.

Click here to download the Art Exhibition Application Form.



加拿大中華文化藝術總會Chinese Artists Association of Canada 境外會員暫行條例





  1. 具有較高的藝術創作水平。

  2. 在理論研究方面有較高水準。                                  

  3. 從事藝術編輯、策展、教育等工作,成績卓越。


  1. 經榮譽會長、會長、前會長會務顧問理事或二名永久會員推薦 填交申請表及附件(資歷及作品至少2件或學術研究發表或教育推展成果)。

  2. 經理事會審查半數同意通過後,參照永久會員一次繳清會費。




六,權利、義務:享有一般會員資格之權利與義務,可以參加本會活動,但無選舉及被選舉權. 獲得加拿大居留權後觀察一年,經理事會審查通過後列為本會正式會員。



Overseas Membership Application Requirements

(Decision 20200607)

1. Purpose: To expand the resources and reputation of the Association and provide support for foreigners who agree with the Association and participate in the activities of the Association.


2. Membership qualification: refer to the "Membership Conditions" Anyone who graduated from an art college or an art expert or scholar who meets one of the following three conditions can apply to join the Association:


  1. Have a high level of artistic creation.

  2. Have a high level of theoretical research.

  3. Engaged in art editing, curation, education, and outstanding achievements.


3. Joining procedures:


  1. Recommended by the honorary president, president, former president's conference advisory director or two permanent members, fill in the application form and attachments (at least 2 qualifications and works or academic research publication or educational promotion results).

  2. After approval by the board of directors, half of the membership fees shall be paid in full with reference to permanent members. Certificate issued to overseas members (membership certificate). Fourth, quota limit: According to the proportion of permanent members within one-fifth.


5. The membership certificate is valid for five years and renews when it expires.


6. Rights and obligations: enjoy the rights and obligations of general membership, can participate in the activities of the association, but have no right to vote or be elected. Observation for one year after obtaining the right of abode in Canada, after being reviewed and approved by the board of directors, it is listed as a full member of the association.


7. When overseas members participate in the activities of the Association, their expenses shall be borne by themselves.


8. Revocation of membership: In order to maintain the reputation of the Association, if there is a violation of the Association’s regulations, or improper words and deeds that damage the image of the Association, the recommender shall be instructed to warn them. If there is no improvement within the time limit, the recommender shall report to the board of directors to cancel the membership. The membership cannot be refunded.

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